When Can a Gas Furnace Become Dangerous to Use?

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Gas furnaces are one of the most common types of heating systems in the United States. As such, if they weren’t safe, then they wouldn’t be half so widespread in the country. However, any appliance that uses natural gas has the potential to become dangerous to use. When it comes to gas furnaces, they can… Read more »

Does Your Furnace Dry Out The Air In Your Home?

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To some, they can handle the colder temperatures of winter, but the real problem comes with the drop in humidity and the unbearable dry air. It is hard on the body, and some people blame it on their furnace. The furnace looks like a solid suspect because the dry air coincides with turning it on,… Read more »

5 Tips to Boost Your Furnace Efficiency

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Wintertime is often when our energy bills shoot through the roof. If your budget is a little bit tight, especially after the holidays, you’ll be interested in knowing how to run your furnace efficiently and cut down on your spending. The best part is that most of these tips cost nothing to implement. Use the… Read more »