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Your air conditioner is a hard-working machine. It cools your home on the hottest of days, and keeps you and your family comfortable all summer long. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance your A/C can become a burden rather than an advantage. You can avoid complications with your system by starting with a yearly tune-up.

To help you better understand the importance behind getting your air conditioning serviced, we’ve listed 3 benefits below.

Better Efficiency

A dirty air conditioner equals an inefficient air conditioner. If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bill and you chose to skip your unit’s yearly tune-up, your system is probably suffering from a clogged air filter and an abundance of dust and dirt. Hiring a HVAC specialist to tune-up your unit guarantees your unit will receive a thorough cleaning. Once all that dirt is gone, you’ll see a drop in your energy bill, meaning your A/C is operating at a more efficient rate.

Fewer Repairs

Your air conditioner has many moving parts, and over time those parts will begin to wear down. Unfortunately, if your system goes unchecked, that wear and tear will eventually lead to a serious malfunction. Luckily, you can save your air conditioner from costly repairs with a yearly tune-up. During the tune-up, your HVAC professional will give your unit a detailed inspection. If there are any problematic components, you’ll be notified, which may end-up saving your A/C from a major malfunction and you from an expensive repair.

A Longer Life

Malfunctioning parts and excessive dirt will lead to your air conditioner calling it quits before it reaches the end of its expected lifespan of 12 to 17 years. Scheduling a yearly tune-up can stop this from happening and save you money in the long run.

An air conditioning tune-up is key to your system running smoothly. If your unit hasn’t had its annual check-up, we suggest scheduling one today with M&M Mechanical, Inc.

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Here we are, a good way through another hot summer and you’re still sweltering through it without air conditioning, just biding your time until the first cool days of fall arrive. Or maybe you’ve got a window unit in your bedroom so you can at least get some sleep at night. We are here to help!

New Options

These days, central air doesn’t necessarily have to mean running duct work throughout your home. Today’s mini split-systems are effective and require only “minimally invasive” installation. They’re perfect for homes that use hot water heating or radiant panels. But the main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning or cooling individual rooms.

Just like a conventional central air conditioning system, a mini split-system has two main components

  1. an outdoor condensing unit
  2. an indoor air-handling unit

These two components are linked together by a conduit housing the power cable, the refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and a drain to take care of condensate.


Many mini split-system units come with as many as four indoor handling units to handle separate areas where your family spends most of its time (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, living room or family room). All of the indoor air handlers connect to one outdoor condensing unit.

A nice benefit of this system is that each of the air handlers will have its own thermostat, which means you can save energy (and money) by cooling those rooms only when they’re actually occupied. Another plus is that mini split-systems offer more flexibility in interior design options. The indoor air handlers can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, or hung on a wall. See what we mean by versatility?


You’ll pay more upfront for a mini-split system than you would for conventional central air, but as mentioned, it doesn’t require the bother and disruption of running duct work throughout the house. It’s also more efficient than a conventional central air conditioning system, which can lose up to 30% of the energy it consumes through duct losses, especially when ducts run through areas with little insulation, such as an attic.

Whether you decide to go with a conventional central air conditioning system or a mini split-system, your investment will serve you well for many hot summers to come, and will also increase your home’s value!

Give us a call at M&M Mechanical, Inc. if you’re interested in air conditioning service in Newington VA. We’re family owned and have dedicated ourselves to satisfying our customers’ needs for 40 years!

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What’s the true cost of air conditioning service? Not just in dollars, but time, frustration, and additional supplies that may have to be purchased if your unit is not kept in working condition. There are many reasons to be proactive when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system. When the summer heat starts to reach its peak, you don’t want to be left without a working air conditioning unit for even a day! What’s worse is that the company that you call to fix it may already be booked in advance.

Waiting Lists in Metro Areas are Filling Up

All the way across the country, in Sacramento, CA, HVAC companies are so busy making air conditioning repairs that they are either no longer accepting customers due to being booked, or they are starting a waiting list for repairs to be completed. Companies here may be booked a month in advance before they can reach customers to make repairs.

Homeowners with broken units are resorting to purchasing fans and capacitors to stay cool until their A/C units can be repaired. With supply and demand in full effect, the rising cost and dwindling amount of these last resort supplies is also making it a challenge for customers waiting on repairs.

Outbreak of Scams During Peak Season

Besides the scramble for supplies and services news providers in metro areas are also highlighting the fact that there are certain opportunists in the area that are trying to scam residents. They warn that customers should be vigilant when hiring a company or contractor to complete repairs on their HVAC system. Many of these scam artists start canvassing neighborhoods with fliers, and they may be using a license number that doesn’t belong to them. It’s recommended that homeowners verify the license number provided to them matches with the contractor they’ve hired to complete repairs.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit should not wait until peak season arrives. Repairs and maintenance should be scheduled in advance. Do not rely on the fact that companies will be able to immediately come out to make repairs on your unit. Instead, think ahead and keep up with regular repairs and maintenance with M&M Mechanical Inc. in Lorton, VA.

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Your central air conditioner can make a variety of noises. While some sounds are normal, others can turn out to be symptoms of an emerging malfunction. Unfortunately, ignoring an unfamiliar noise can lead to a serious and expensive repair. To help you better understand the sounds coming from your air conditioner, we’ve listed 3 noises that can point to a problem with your unit.


A rattling noise usually indicates a component in your air conditioner has come loose. The problem usually lies with either the blower assembly or the motor. Unfortunately, allowing the noise to continue without having it inspected can lead to costly repairs.


When your air conditioner is making a high-pitched squealing sound, the issue most likely stems from either the belt connecting the blower to the motor or the bearings on the condenser fan’s motor. Older air conditioners operate with a belt while the newer units do not. If your A/C is on the older side, and you hear the sound both inside and outside of your home, you are probably dealing with a slipped belt. Replacing the belt should rid your unit of any high-pitched squealing.

Newer air conditioners employ direct-drive motors without belts, meaning the squealing noise is likely coming from the bearings on the condenser fan’s motor. If the sound only comes from your outdoor unit, the motor may need replacing. In order to diagnose and repair the unpleasant noise, call M&M Mechanical, Inc. in Lorton VA today.


A noticeable buzzing noise coming from your air conditioner signals a possible electrical issue. While pinpointing the malfunction requires a professional, the three most likely culprits are the contactor relay switch, the condenser fan motor, or loose wiring. If your unit is making a buzzing, we highly suggest you call a HVAC professional immediately.

Although your air conditioner makes a variety of noises during operation, there are certain sounds that should not be considered normal. If you hear a rattling, squealing, or buzzing noise coming from your unit, turn the system off and contact a professional to inspect and diagnose the malfunction before it becomes a major issue.

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There’s nothing worse during the hottest days of summer than feeling good about having the equipment you need — your AC unit — and then having it fail you when you need it most! But your AC unit is not going to perform reliably for you unless you maintain it, and that means that besides changing filters as needed, it’s also a good idea to schedule an annual tune-up to make sure it’s in top shape for the challenging heat that’s rapidly approaching. And the time to do that is now!

What’s Involved in an AC Tune-up?

Your HVAC professional will do several things during his tune-up visit, and the first will be to do a thorough inspection of the unit. That includes checking:

  • coils (indoor and outdoor)
  • capacitors
  • compressor
  • electrical systems check for loose connections, damaged wiring or terminals
  • refrigerant level

Your heating and cooling system consists of more than 50% of your home’s overall energy costs, so a tune-up is good not only for the system and how efficiently it cools, but also for your wallet!

What You Can Do Yourself

Keep your tuned up AC unit running efficiently all summer long by inspecting the air filter monthly and changing it when dust builds up. A dirty air filter restricts air flow and allows dust to build up on essential components. It also negatively affects your indoor air quality.

It’s also essential to make sure registers inside your house are free of obstructions and dust to ensure proper airflow and maximum comfort during those oppressive “dog days” of summer!

Contact M&M Mechanical to make sure your air conditioner is ready for the summer ahead!