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With summer ending in about a month, it’s time to get your HVAC unit to switch gears and prepare for the cooler season. By now, your AC has been running at full capacity for a few months with this hot summer we’ve been having in the area, so these next few weeks are the perfect time to make sure that the summer treated your unit well!

Maintenance on your unit ensures that you’re getting the most out of your HVAC system. It’s recommended to get your unit checked out twice a year.

Regular maintenance on your unit not only helps improve the quality of the air you breathe, but it will also prolong the life of your unit, which in the end will save you money. Preventative maintenance on your unit will help avoid any problems that could occur during the winter, when you need your heating system most! During our maintenance checkups, we will check the filters and voltage, adjust burners, inspect the condenser coil and much more!

To minimize future repair bills, consider a maintenance agreement with M&M Mechanical, Inc. Our trained technicians can provide you with a comprehensive plan to provide preventive and predictive maintenance to help you keep all your HVAC equipment running efficiently.

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M&M Mechanical is proud to be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we want to make sure you know why! There are three words that define what it means to be recognized as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer: Done. Right. Guaranteed.

Factory Authorized Dealers get the work DONE expertly, efficiently and professionally. We’ve earned and kept this distinction through performing to rigorous national standards consistently and continually. We also participate in regular, extensive factory training so we know the ins and outs of installation, maintenance and repair of all Carrier equipment. All Factory Authorized Dealers also adhere to a long list of sound business practices.

We take pride in doing the job RIGHT: right technically, with the right parts, right for the environment, and right by you. Our NATE-certified technicians have passed a rigorous course of core and specialty exams to ensure their technical competency, and we adhere to Carrier installation and service procedures, ensuring that your system will perform as promised. We are committed to treating our customers right, which is why we always want to know how we’ve done in your home.

Carrier is so confident that you’ll be happy with us as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, that they back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your Carrier equipment within a year of the installation date, we will correct the problem or remove the equipment and refund your purchase price… GUARANTEED.

We know that you demand superior service and you expect superior quality. That’s why we here at M&M Mechanical are proud to be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.

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Why can’t I find the correct size furnace filter at my local home improvement store for my Carrier equipment?

Most retail stores only carry lower-quality disposable HVAC filters, whereas the filter included with you Carrier unit is made from higher-quality materials. For that reason, replacement Carrier filters must be purchased through a Carrier dealer – but don’t worry! We can help! Just contact us and we’d be happy to get your replacement filter ordered for you. (And don’t forget: some Carrier filters are reusable, and just need to be washed with cold water. If you’re not sure if your filter is reusable or needs to be replaced, give us a call!)

Where can I get parts for my Carrier equipment?

Since M&M Mechanical is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we’re your best resource for supplying the correct parts for your system.

What does the warranty cover on my Carrier equipment?

Carrier’s standard factory warranty only covers parts that fail during the warranty period due to a defect in the part. If you can’t find your warranty certificate (which was originally included with your homeowner information packet), we can provide you with your full warranty information.

What is the life expectancy of my Carrier unit?

There are many variables that affect life expectancy, including the unit installed and the regularity of routine maintenance. Luckily, Carrier products are among the longest lasting heating and cooling products available. If you have further questions, we’d be happy to discuss your specific unit with you – just give us a call!

See the full answers to these Carrier-related FAQs, and more, on our FAQs page!

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An energy audit is defined as:

an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of a building or buildings1

This audit is the first step in determining how much and what kind of energy your home uses. The information gathered in an energy audit is used to develop a strategy for steps to take to make your home (or business!) more energy efficient.

Tasks covered in an energy audit typically include: checking for leaks; inspecting the furnace, air conditioner and ductwork; examining insulation; examination and recording of walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows and skylights; and more. The goal is to figure out your home’s overall thermal performance, and, specifically, to identify any areas that are negatively impacting the energy efficiency of your home.

Once the energy audit is complete, we can help develop a plan for shoring up any energy weaknesses in the building. This may include things like replacing windows, investing in a new air conditioning unit or furnace, or reinsulating areas of the home. We’ll also let you know if any of the improvements we suggest will qualify for energy efficiency grants or tax rebates.

To learn more about how M&M Mechanical can help complete an energy audit of your home, check out the Comfort & Energy Audits page of our website, or just contact us to get your energy audit scheduled!

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With summer officially starting this month, the last thing you need is to run into an unexpected air conditioning problem on a 95-degree day! One of the easiest ways to keep your air conditioner around longer is to do some preventative maintenance on it every month.

Although your air conditioner is big and looks like it can take on just about anything, it still needs to be cared for! Cleaning it monthly is one of the best tips we could offer. The dirt and debris that gets caught up in and around your unit can hurt your indoor air quality and damage the unit itself. We recommend checking out your unit every month. But, before you do anything, make sure to turn off the power!

Next, you should remove any debris outside the unit. You can do this with a vacuum, or if it’s not too much then you can remove it by hand. After removing the outside debris, you’ll need to clean the inside. You can remove the top grille, and lift the fan out of your unit. Make sure you set it aside carefully as you clean out any dirt inside the fan.

After cleaning the fan, keep it set aside but make sure the electrical wires are not in the way. Next you’ll need to take your hose, and spray the fins (the side part of your unit). Make sure the pressure from the hose isn’t too high, but high enough to remove dirt and spray your unit from the inside out. After you’re done, place the fan back on and you’ve successfully cleaned your condenser!

In order to keep your unit as clean as possible, we recommend maintaining a two feet clearance around your unit. Be sure to trim any tree branches, flowers and make sure yours and/or your neighbor’s sprinkler systems are not hitting your air conditioning unit. Most of the preventative maintenance you can do on your air conditioner is recommended to be done by a professional, but we wanted to offer some tips that you can do at home, for free!