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Have you ever stopped to think just how important your air conditioner contractor is? Chances are you probably haven’t given it much thought. However, if your air conditioner quit working, you would realize just how valuable an air conditioner contractor is. With summer turning up the heat, having your AC unit in working condition is a must. Let’s look at 3 reasons why obtaining an air conditioning contractor will put your mind at ease if something goes wrong this summer.



A certified air contractor is just that – certified. That means he or she has attended an educational facility, taken classes, and received a diploma or certificate stating he or she is qualified to diagnose your air conditioner’s problem. For you, the homeowner, this gives peace of mind, knowing the person handling such a costly piece of equipment is certified and educated in repairing the unit.


Access to parts and equipment

Contractors have special privileges with supply stores in that they are allowed to purchase supplies. This is a real benefit because contractors have a network of reliable suppliers they deal with regularly, thereby, ensuring you get your parts in a timely manner.



Although, many homeowners may do some projects on their own, working with major pieces of equipment such as air conditioners is not safe. Air conditioner contractors have the knowledge and education to handle the dangerous electrical parts. Furthermore, the usage of Freon requires special certification that contractors carry. When you hire an AC contractor you can rest easy knowing you and your family are kept safe.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection with one of our contractors!

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One of the most common air conditioning service questions is, “When do I need an air duct cleaning?” The concern comes as a direct result of homes becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Roughly 40% of the average home’s energy usage is from heating and cooling. Efficiency requires air sealing the home to keep energy from escaping. As a result, this can trap pollutants in your house.

Over time, dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria get trapped in your home and reduce your home’s indoor air quality. Will air duct cleaning improve the indoor air quality? Many will say no, there is no improvement. However, that is not exactly accurate. A correct answer is more complicated because of limited studies. Ultimately, needing an air duct cleaning is more than just because the ducts look dirty.

You should get an air duct cleaning when:


  • There are visible signs of mold,
  • Pests and rodents are inside the ducts, or
  • When dust and dirt are coming from the supply registers.


If you do need an air duct cleaning, this is not a do it yourself project. Your air conditioning system relies on your duct work. Ducts that become poorly connected and leak reduce your system’s efficiency and will increase energy costs.

If you would like to talk more about when you need an air duct cleaning, or would like more information, please contact us.

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Ready or not, the sweltering heat of summer is here. A more important question, however, is whether your air conditioner is going to get you through the season.

Too many people take their air conditioners for granted. If it works, it is ignored, and it only gets the attention and service it needs when it breaks and needs costly repairs.

Unfortunately, this attitude is penny-wise but dollar-foolish. Low cost regular maintenance, in the form of an annual air conditioner inspection and tune-up, can guarantee that your home or business is comfortable on the hottest days of the summer. It can also help you avoid the dreaded air conditioner failure, which inevitably seems to happen on the hottest day of the year when air conditioning repair is at a premium.

The assumption that just because your air conditioner worked fine last year, it does not need a tune-up this year can be a costly mistake. Air conditioners, like all machines, need regular inspection, maintenance, and tune-ups to make sure they work at their peak efficiency and do not fail when they are needed most.

While your air conditioner was sitting idle before you turned it on as the heat started settling in, dirt, dust and debris were slowing building up on the evaporation coils in the unit. This acts as an insulator, which impacts both the cooling and electrical efficiency of your air conditioner, can severely decrease the lifespan of the unit and increase the likelihood of an expensive failure.

It is also fairly common for air conditioners to lose coolant during the cooler months leading up to summer. A slow coolant leak can rob your air conditioner of its cooling power, causing it to work harder, and use more electricity, while cooling less. Inefficient cooling can cause big money on your electrical bill.

Electrical problems can also develop during the off season, which can cause expensive failure of your air conditioner when you need it most.

A full season inspection and tune-up now by a qualified air conditioning professional can fix these problems now, and ensure that the rest of your summer will be a cool one. The cost of a tune-up is more than outweighed by the simple peace of mind today – and can help you avoid the possibility that your air conditioner will die at the height of summer, when you need it the most. It is a small investment today that can save you hundreds of dollars and days of discomfort later.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and tune-up of your air condition system.

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Let’s face the facts: when the air conditioning tune-up service van pulls up in your driveway and the technician starts to inspect your air conditioning unit, unless you have some HVAC experience yourself, you really have no idea what he is doing.

The most important thing you can do to ensure the safety of your system and home is simply to check the certifications of the air conditioning company and technician. Here are the credentials you should check before you even make the call:


  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). ACCA is the best known association of air conditioning contractors nation-wide. They form the group of the most preferred service providers.
  • North American Technician Excellence, Inc. (NATE). NATE is the industry standard in certification programs for the air conditioning service industry. Skilled professional air conditioning technicians are NATE-certified. Always confirm that your technician is NATE-certified.
  • Better Business Bureau. The BBB is the standard for rating companies. The BBB will investigate complaints and the response of the company. They also confirm licensing. Be sure the company you choose has the BBB logo.
  • Factory Authorized Dealer. Factory Authorized Dealers are required to meet rigorous standards of customer satisfaction. Be sure your dealer is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and you can be assured that your service will be excellent.


M&M Mechanical, Inc. is an ACCA member, a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and all technicians are factory-trained and NATE-certified. M&M Mechanical, Inc. has an A+ Rated Accreditation with the BBB and recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Contact us today for excellent customer service concerning you air conditioning needs.

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With the official start of summer upon us, now is the time to make sure your unit is working its best. This is where an air conditioning tune-up enters the picture. Having an air conditioning tune-up is a great way to make sure your home stays comfortable during the summer months. Along with this, here are three other reasons you may want to consider having a tune-up.


Longevity of Your Unit

Believe it or not, tuning up your air conditioning unit is a great way to make sure your unit lasts for many years. When malfunctions are caught early on, you can correct them quickly, which can improve the longevity of your system.


Cost Savings

Along with keeping you comfortable in your own home, it is possible that a tune-up can actually lower the amount of money you spend on your electric bill every month. A tune-up is a great way to make sure your system is working at its fullest capacity, which can help reduce the amount of energy that it needs to use.


Make Upgrades

Finally, having an annual tune-up could also mean that you are able to perform a few maintenance items on your system. This could be something as simple as installing a programmable thermostat or replacing items in your unit that may not work as efficiently as before.

These are just some of the reasons you should consider having an air conditioning tune-up this season. Following this advice will allow you to know that your unit will be able to stand the hot summer months and still be functioning properly at the end of the season.

If you’re ready to schedule your air conditioning tune-up, give us a call at (703) 751-1011, or request service at our website. We look forward to helping you!