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So you have decided to have a new HVAC system installed in your home or business. While you are waiting for your new unit to arrive, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect during the installation process. As such, we would like to discuss the things that normally take place during heating installation to help put your mind at ease.


Prior to Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment, you should receive a phone call confirming the date and time of your installation.


Day of your Appointment

When our technicians arrive, they will be driving a truck with our company logo and will also be dressed in our company uniform. Next, they will place protective coverings over your floor and furniture to keep dust and debris from damaging them.
Power will be shut off to your existing unit prior to installation. This means that you will be temporarily without heat. Keep in mind that our technicians must make multiple trips in and out of your home, and may even need to leave your door propped open for an extended period of time while removing your old furnace. This could leave your house a bit colder than normal, which is why we recommend you have a sweater or blanket handy.


Installation Process

Your new unit will be brought inside and fitted to its opening. You may notice a slight bit of noise coming from the power tools that are needed to secure your furnace properly into place; however, this should not distract you doing things such as reading or watching television.
Once everything is attached, our technicians will perform a final check of everything and then allow you to inspect their work. The entire process will take between four to eight hours.
Here at M&M Mechanical, our goal is to make heating installation as pain-free as possible. For friendly, efficient service in Northern Virginia please contact us.

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There are days during the late fall and winter when the furnace never seems to turn off, and homeowners may be concerned whether that’s normal. One of the biggest things to take note of is changes in the way your heating system operates. If it runs longer than usual, has trouble heating your home, or sounds different, you may want to call for furnace repair.

A furnace that runs almost non-stop is not necessarily a bad thing. Furnaces are sized so that it can heat your home to 70 degrees on the coldest day. So, if you notice it running non-stop on some of the coldest days of the year, it’s probably just doing its job.

There are other possibilities though, and if your furnace continues to run even when the temperature warms up outside, there are some things you can check.


  • First, inspect your air filters. Clogged filters can make the furnace run inefficiently and improperly.
  • Next, look into your thermostat. It’s possible that it either needs to be replaced, or relocated to a different location in the home. If it’s installed in a colder room, it may be calling for heat when you don’t really need it.


There are also non-furnace issues to consider. Maybe you need to check into your insulation situation. Perhaps the house needs to be sealed better around problem areas such as windows, doors, or electrical outlets. If cold air is getting in, it’s probably causing the furnace to run more frequently.

Another frequent issue is an improperly-sized furnace. If the heating system is too big, homeowners often notice it cycling on shortly after it turned off. Unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better.

Since there are many different factors in a furnace that runs a lot, it’s always a good idea to have it looked at by a qualified professional at least once a year. That will ensure your furnace is running efficiently, and ready to keep you warm on the coldest days of the winter.

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The last few years, winter has been rough! There have been temperatures that are colder than usual, and snowfall has been above average. It’s always difficult to predict what the weather will be long-term, so it’s important to make sure your heating system is ready for anything.

Many people put their faith in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which self-proclaims an over 80% accuracy rate, despite the fact that even modern day meteorologists with all their technological advances can only predict 5 days ahead with only 75% accuracy.

Without a doubt, all homes in our area will be relying on their heating system to keep them warm throughout the winter months. It’s always a good idea to schedule a maintenance check-up for your furnace and heat pump before the winter weather arrives. That way, there are no surprises on the first cold night of the year, and you can arrange to have any repairs done in plenty of time. Contact M & M Mechanical soon to make sure your heating system is ready for winter!

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When you have pets, you want to make sure that they are comfortable in your home. Starting from late fall and extending all the way through early spring, a poorly insulated home will require constant use of the heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature, unless other measures are taken. It is best to combine your heating system with other methods to keep your pets warm and avoid excessive costs.


Maintain a Consistent Temperature in Your Home

To avoid drastic changes in the way that your heating system is used, you want to maintain a consistent temperature in your home at all times. To accomplish this goal, you should set your thermostat to the bare minimum that you are still comfortable with, and then start working on your other methods.


Keep Your Bedroom Open

Although certain pets have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm, they will likely need some assistance to stay comfortable at all times. It is ideal to leave your bedroom open for them to access, mainly because they can take advantage of your bed and the warmth it can provide to them.


Provide Heated Pads

If you do not want them to lay in your bed on a consistent basis, or you just want to give them somewhere else they can go to stay warm, you can give them heated pads and put them on their beds.


Get Covered Beds

To maximize the benefit of pet beds, you should opt for covered ones. These beds retain heat easier, and when combined with heated pads, they make for an extremely comfortable sleeping area.

Keeping your pets warm and relaxed is substantially easier to accomplish when you are willing to invest time and effort into other heating methods while using your heating system, but in home comfort all starts with proper maintenance and care of your furnace. Give us a call today to have your system serviced before the cold weather arrives!

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Unsurprisingly, most young children find asthma attacks absolutely terrifying. Not only do asthma attacks cause quite a bit of a scare for children, but they also leave them deprived of sleep the following day. If you believe asthma attacks at night are the reason your child is always so tired, here are a few ways air conditioning can help to control these asthma attacks.


Filtering Allergens from the Air

The air within the average home is full of allergens, especially in the summer. Some of these allergens include pollen, dust mites, and mold. Unfortunately, these allergens are a major trigger for asthma attacks.
Fortunately, the filter of an air conditioning unit will help improve air quality in your home and prevent asthma attacks. The filter removes allergens from the air that passes through the unit. Replace the filter regularly so that allergens are removed from the air properly and efficiently.


Control Indoor Humidity

Not only can air conditioners help you control temperature, but they can also help you monitor indoor humidity. Children with asthma typically don’t respond well to high humidity environments because the humidity can cause the inflammation of air pathways. This inflammation restricts air passage, leading to asthma attacks.

Open the air conditioner a few hours before your child’s bedtime. Keep the air conditioner on throughout the night to control the humidity. Use a dehumidifier in conjunction with an air conditioning unit to keep indoor air humidity no higher than 50%.

If you want to learn more about the uses of air conditioning for controlling asthma attacks at night, contact us!