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The last few years, winter has been rough! There have been temperatures that are colder than usual, and snowfall has been above average. It’s always difficult to predict what the weather will be long-term, so it’s important to make sure your heating system is ready for anything.

Many people put their faith in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which self-proclaims an over 80% accuracy rate, despite the fact that even modern day meteorologists with all their technological advances can only predict 5 days ahead with only 75% accuracy.

Without a doubt, all homes in our area will be relying on their heating system to keep them warm throughout the winter months. It’s always a good idea to schedule a maintenance check-up for your furnace and heat pump before the winter weather arrives. That way, there are no surprises on the first cold night of the year, and you can arrange to have any repairs done in plenty of time. Contact M & M Mechanical soon to make sure your heating system is ready for winter!

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When you have pets, you want to make sure that they are comfortable in your home. Starting from late fall and extending all the way through early spring, a poorly insulated home will require constant use of the heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature, unless other measures are taken. It is best to combine your heating system with other methods to keep your pets warm and avoid excessive costs.


Maintain a Consistent Temperature in Your Home

To avoid drastic changes in the way that your heating system is used, you want to maintain a consistent temperature in your home at all times. To accomplish this goal, you should set your thermostat to the bare minimum that you are still comfortable with, and then start working on your other methods.


Keep Your Bedroom Open

Although certain pets have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm, they will likely need some assistance to stay comfortable at all times. It is ideal to leave your bedroom open for them to access, mainly because they can take advantage of your bed and the warmth it can provide to them.


Provide Heated Pads

If you do not want them to lay in your bed on a consistent basis, or you just want to give them somewhere else they can go to stay warm, you can give them heated pads and put them on their beds.


Get Covered Beds

To maximize the benefit of pet beds, you should opt for covered ones. These beds retain heat easier, and when combined with heated pads, they make for an extremely comfortable sleeping area.

Keeping your pets warm and relaxed is substantially easier to accomplish when you are willing to invest time and effort into other heating methods while using your heating system, but in home comfort all starts with proper maintenance and care of your furnace. Give us a call today to have your system serviced before the cold weather arrives!

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Unsurprisingly, most young children find asthma attacks absolutely terrifying. Not only do asthma attacks cause quite a bit of a scare for children, but they also leave them deprived of sleep the following day. If you believe asthma attacks at night are the reason your child is always so tired, here are a few ways air conditioning can help to control these asthma attacks.


Filtering Allergens from the Air

The air within the average home is full of allergens, especially in the summer. Some of these allergens include pollen, dust mites, and mold. Unfortunately, these allergens are a major trigger for asthma attacks.
Fortunately, the filter of an air conditioning unit will help improve air quality in your home and prevent asthma attacks. The filter removes allergens from the air that passes through the unit. Replace the filter regularly so that allergens are removed from the air properly and efficiently.


Control Indoor Humidity

Not only can air conditioners help you control temperature, but they can also help you monitor indoor humidity. Children with asthma typically don’t respond well to high humidity environments because the humidity can cause the inflammation of air pathways. This inflammation restricts air passage, leading to asthma attacks.

Open the air conditioner a few hours before your child’s bedtime. Keep the air conditioner on throughout the night to control the humidity. Use a dehumidifier in conjunction with an air conditioning unit to keep indoor air humidity no higher than 50%.

If you want to learn more about the uses of air conditioning for controlling asthma attacks at night, contact us!

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Have you ever stopped to think just how important your air conditioner contractor is? Chances are you probably haven’t given it much thought. However, if your air conditioner quit working, you would realize just how valuable an air conditioner contractor is. With summer turning up the heat, having your AC unit in working condition is a must. Let’s look at 3 reasons why obtaining an air conditioning contractor will put your mind at ease if something goes wrong this summer.



A certified air contractor is just that – certified. That means he or she has attended an educational facility, taken classes, and received a diploma or certificate stating he or she is qualified to diagnose your air conditioner’s problem. For you, the homeowner, this gives peace of mind, knowing the person handling such a costly piece of equipment is certified and educated in repairing the unit.


Access to parts and equipment

Contractors have special privileges with supply stores in that they are allowed to purchase supplies. This is a real benefit because contractors have a network of reliable suppliers they deal with regularly, thereby, ensuring you get your parts in a timely manner.



Although, many homeowners may do some projects on their own, working with major pieces of equipment such as air conditioners is not safe. Air conditioner contractors have the knowledge and education to handle the dangerous electrical parts. Furthermore, the usage of Freon requires special certification that contractors carry. When you hire an AC contractor you can rest easy knowing you and your family are kept safe.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection with one of our contractors!

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One of the most common air conditioning service questions is, “When do I need an air duct cleaning?” The concern comes as a direct result of homes becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Roughly 40% of the average home’s energy usage is from heating and cooling. Efficiency requires air sealing the home to keep energy from escaping. As a result, this can trap pollutants in your house.

Over time, dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria get trapped in your home and reduce your home’s indoor air quality. Will air duct cleaning improve the indoor air quality? Many will say no, there is no improvement. However, that is not exactly accurate. A correct answer is more complicated because of limited studies. Ultimately, needing an air duct cleaning is more than just because the ducts look dirty.

You should get an air duct cleaning when:


  • There are visible signs of mold,
  • Pests and rodents are inside the ducts, or
  • When dust and dirt are coming from the supply registers.


If you do need an air duct cleaning, this is not a do it yourself project. Your air conditioning system relies on your duct work. Ducts that become poorly connected and leak reduce your system’s efficiency and will increase energy costs.

If you would like to talk more about when you need an air duct cleaning, or would like more information, please contact us.