Why Water is Leaking Out of Your Furnace

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Your furnace is not one of those appliances that uses water for its primary function. Water leaking out of your water heater, for example, is a problem, but not an unexpected one since it heats water as its main function. Water leaking out of your furnace, however, seems like a very big problem since it… Read more »

Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping the Breaker

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What could be worse than your furnace turning off unexpectedly on a cold night? Your furnace tripping your circuit breaker is worse, and it’s also pretty inconvenient to have fixed. However, as your circuit breaker is meant to protect your house from dangerous electrical issues, a tripped circuit breaker is vastly preferable to the alternatives…. Read more »

Why is My Furnace So Loud?

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When any appliance makes loud noises, it is usually not a good sign. If your furnace is making a loud sound, it means that something is wrong. However, the tricky part is figuring out what part isn’t functioning properly. Calling in a service technician is a quick way of figuring it out, but knowing what… Read more »

4 Signs It Is Time For a New Furnace

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Many homeowners only realize it is time for a new furnace when their old one just flat out stops working. The unfortunate truth of this is that a furnace probably won’t stop working in the middle of the summer; instead, it will probably wait for the coldest day of the year! However, if you can… Read more »