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It is heating up outside – and fast. Your home has suddenly become sweltering and you want to cool it down even faster. The response by many is to turn on the AC and turn it down way lower than you normally would. You want it to be a pleasant 72 degrees, but you turn it down all the way to 60. Does that help cool your home faster?

Unfortunately for you, turning your air conditioner on at a lower temperature doesn’t cool your home faster. What the temperature you set on your thermostat controls is how long the appliance runs, not how cold the air gets. Your air conditioner will run on a set level of coldness. In order to effectively reach the temperature you set on your thermostat, it will run or cycle on and off in order to do so.

What lowering your thermostat like that really does is potentially cause you problems. The problem is not so much the act of doing it, but the act of forgetting what temperature you set it to. If an air conditioner has to run that much to cool your house, you run the risk of ice building up or the whole system being overworked.

An overworked air conditioner will immediately raise your energy bills, and as the parts wear down, it will serve to permanently raise those bills. Add on top of that when your air conditioners breaks down – not “if” – it will be an expensive repair that you didn’t need.

So what to take away from this? Well, that old air conditioner “trick” doesn’t work, and it is more likely to cause harm than any good to your system. It is best to set your air conditioner to the temperature you want and let the appliance do its job as designed.

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