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With record temperatures being reached and exceeded every year, the hottest days of the summer can test anyone’s patience. With window units or portable air conditioners, it can be hard to maintain the temperature you want. With central air, you can cool the entire house, choose the precise temperature you want, and control humidity levels.

Unlike single-room models, central air is efficient in many ways. They make effective use of the room, as they don’t take up floor space or block windows. They’re also cost and energy efficient. There are many ultra-energy-efficient models available now make economical use of energy and therefore save you money.

Air Quality
Pollution has made poor air quality an issue nationwide. Many children and older adults have lung issues such as asthma while others have allergies to air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, and dust. The filters in many central air units can vastly lower or nearly eliminate them. They can also help with common household odors like pet smells and musty scents.

One of the greatest advantages is the extra convenience. You can control the temperatures, choose which rooms get cooled and when, and you have the option of combining heating and cooling. Many even come with remotes too.

If you have questions about installing central air conditioning in your home, we encourage you to contact our team.

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