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Gas furnaces are one of the most common types of heating systems in the United States. As such, if they weren’t safe, then they wouldn’t be half so widespread in the country. However, any appliance that uses natural gas has the potential to become dangerous to use.

When it comes to gas furnaces, they can manifest a few issues that could cause them to be dangerous to use. These include:

• Natural Gas Leaks
• Carbon Monoxide Exposure
• Toxic Exhaust Exposure
• Uncontrolled Combustion

While all of the above are equally as concerning, they can all be prevented by regular maintenance service on your furnace. The usual cause for a furnace manifesting a dangerous problem is a crack in the heat exchanger. This can allow gas, exhaust, and carbon monoxide to be pumped into your home. If the crack gets large enough, it can affect combustion as well.
Unfortunately, damage to the heat exchanger is not something a homeowner knows the symptoms of or can spot easily. The issue really only is caught during regular inspections that should be performed yearly before it become regular furnace use weather. Not only do they catch problems, regular maintenance also keeps the furnace clean to prevent any problems from being created due to obstruction, debris, and any grime that has collected on its working parts.

The small bit of good news is that before your furnace becomes dangerous to use, you will typically notice problems. The heat may not be as strong, the furnace may be louder or making strange noises, or it could have started short cycling. You should never ignore a furnace that is acting strangely because it can very well be a sign of a dangerous problem developing. You want to catch it before that happens to keep your home safe.

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