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Did you discover that your furnace filter is dusty and really needs to be changed? It can happen. The furnace filter is easy to forget about despite the useful role it plays. However, on your way to getting a new furnace filter, you might take the old one out and continue to need to use your furnace to heat your home. What happens if you use your furnace without a filter?

At first, nothing will really happen. Your furnace will function as normal even without a filter. However, over time, you will notice some specific problems start to manifest if you continue use without a filter.

Furnace Internal Part Problems

Contrary to the popular belief that the air filter is there for indoor air quality, the furnace filter is actually made to protect the inner workings of your furnace. It filters the air being drawn into the furnace to be heated. It prevents finer particulate and debris from getting to the blower motor and compressor. Without it, anything it sucks in goes right into the system. This will lead to excessive wear and problems.

Poor Air Quality

Improved air quality in your home is a by-product of the furnace filter. As the air going into the system is cleaned, it is then cleaner going into your home. As it is unfiltered completely with a furnace air filter, you will notice a marked drop in air quality the longer if it is missing.

High Energy Bills

Rising energy bills from your furnace isn’t actually caused by the air filter missing, but rather the fact that the missing air filter will cause component problems. If your blower motor or the compressor aren’t working as designed, they will need to use more energy to function. This is how you can tell something is wrong early before anything actually breaks down into complete non-function.

If you have questions about your air filter, or if you would like one of our trained HVAC technicians to assist in changing your filters, contact our team today.

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