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Coming home to a cold home in the middle of winter can feel like a nightmare. If you have checked that there is power in your home and the circuit breaker to your furnace isn’t tripped, it’s probably time to call for an emergency heating repair. It’s possible that the person you live with has turned down your thermostat drastically, or you have run out of heating fuel. When these two problems are not the issue either, you need help before it gets too cold in the middle of the night.

When the Temperature Dips Below Freezing

While you can leave your home for the night if you don’t have heat, the pipes in your home may not do well if the temperature goes below freezing. Water that is in your pipes can freeze, causing the pipes to burst. What starts as a problem with your heating system can grow into a big plumbing mess if you don’t take care of it before the temperatures freeze.

Look for Signs of a Power Outage

It is possible that the power in your home was out for a while and has just recently turned on. If you have blinking clocks in your home or appliances that don’t show the right time, you may have lost power and your home is just beginning to heat back up again. Listen for the sound of your furnace running and see if you have any warm air coming into your home. If your heat has been off all day and has just turned on, it can take some time to get your home warm again.

Call for an Emergency Heating Repair

If you can’t figure out what is wrong with your heating system, call for an emergency heating repair right away. When you wait until morning to call for help, you can risk damaging your home. It is always worth the cost of taking care of the problem fast so that further issues don’t develop. For all your heating needs, contact us today.

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