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There are a lot of little tasks that need to be done in the fall to prep your home for winter. However, while you are bringing in the garden hoses and giving the door jambs a fresh coat of protective paint, don’t forget to give your heating system the proper care. Your furnace sat patiently all summer waiting for this time to come, but that doesn’t mean it will be in fighting shape without its due share of care.

Change the Air Filter

After a summer using your air conditioning, it is about time to change your air filter so that your heating system has a fresh one. It keeps your air a little cleaner, but mostly, it keeps your furnace clean. Going too long without changing your air filter wears down on your furnace and will make repairs more likely.

Keeping Vents Clear

Duct systems usually don’t get too dirty, but one of the major problems is that they can be blocked by furniture. Sitting down in a chair over time have slowly scooted it over the vent, a bookshelf is partially blocking your vent, you closed a vent in a room for remodeling and never opened it – a lot of different situations can block your vents. Be sure to go around your house and make sure that all your duct work can pump in air unimpeded. Healthy air flow prevents duct leaks and mold growth.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

You should have both your furnace and your AC serviced by a professional before their respective seasons begin. Any homeowner can open up a furnace or an air conditioner, but chances are you really won’t know what you are looking at.

Our team of professional service technicians can look for potential problems and make repairs before the season even starts. This way, you aren’t left freezing in your own home if your furnace dies in the middle of winter. Contact our team today.

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