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With the warm months quickly approaching, you might be thinking of how to keep your home cool at a reasonable cost. In order to do this, it is important to know what will not raise your electricity bill. Here are 5 cooling myths busted about raising your electricity.

1. Dirty air filters will not cause harm to your AC system. Many homeowners neglect to change their air filters which can cause higher energy bills and problems with your AC unit. Air filters help prevent mold from growing inside the unit, making the indoor air quality better to breathe. It also traps dust and dirt which causes it to become clogged over time. A clogged filter causes the AC to work twice as hard to cool a home, which leads to unit problems and an energy bill increase.

2. Operating a ceiling fan in addition to AC helps cool down your home. Fans actually work best cooling people, not actual rooms. Fans help the body evaporate sweat from the skin and lowers body temperature, which makes a room feel cooler; however, the room actually isn’t cooler. Ceiling fans constantly running helps increase your energy bill.

3. Your AC unit doesn’t need routine maintenance. Think again! If you want to pay an expensive electric bill, then skip out on your unit’s annual maintenance. A professional should service your unit every year. During a routine maintenance check-up, the technician ensures everything is operating properly, and checks for future problematic areas.

4. Turning the thermostat down low will cool your home faster. This doesn’t make your air conditioner work faster. Unless you have a two-stage system, your air conditioner only works at one speed. Lowering the temperature setting past what you need just makes the air conditioner run longer to reach the desired setting.

Have you scheduled your AC maintenance? If not, give us a call today to find out more about protecting your unit and keeping your electric bill at a reasonable price.

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