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What could be worse than your furnace turning off unexpectedly on a cold night? Your furnace tripping your circuit breaker is worse, and it’s also pretty inconvenient to have fixed. However, as your circuit breaker is meant to protect your house from dangerous electrical issues, a tripped circuit breaker is vastly preferable to the alternatives. Regardless, you need to fix the issue so you can get the heat on and don’t put your health or your home at risk.

Before troubleshooting the issue, it is important that you don’t just keep flipping the breaker back on. Flip it once, but if it trips again, it is for the best to keep it off.

Why Is The Furnace Tripping the Breaker?

There are two primary reasons your furnace is tripping the circuit breaker every time it tries to kick on. It could be an overloaded circuit in which your furnace is getting too much current. This can happen typically because your circuit breaker is not the correct size to accommodate your furnace’s electrical needs. If you have been doing renovations or recently got a new furnace, then this is likely to happen.

Another reason your furnace is tripping the breaker can be due to a short circuit. This means that something has gone wrong inside your furnace and it is causing the issue. Essentially, your circuit breaker is tripping so that it doesn’t cause any more damage or worse, a fire. If this is why if your breaker keeps tripping, keep the furnace off.

Unfortunately, if either of these issues are manifesting from your furnace, it is not something that you can really fix yourself. If it is an issue with the circuit breaker itself, an electrician will be needed. However, if it is a problem with your furnace, you will want to call a qualified HVAC repair service.

Contact us today and one of our trained HVAC experts can examine your furnace to find what is causing it specifically to trip your circuit breaker every time it switches on.

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