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Many homeowners only realize it is time for a new furnace when their old one just flat out stops working. The unfortunate truth of this is that a furnace probably won’t stop working in the middle of the summer; instead, it will probably wait for the coldest day of the year! However, if you can spot some common signs that your furnace is due for a replacement, you can get ahead of the problem before it gets too cold. Keep reading to learn what the most telling signs are that you need a new furnace.

Your Heating Bill Has Gone Up

If you have kept your house at the same temperature for the past few winters, your heating bill will be pretty consistent. However, if your heating bill has spiked way up and their hasn’t been a ridiculous price hike from your energy company, it is likely your aging furnace that is causing it. A tune-up could help get it running efficiently again, but it may be better to think about getting a new one.

Frequent Repairs

A furnace is one of those big expenses that can also be a big pain in the wallet. However, at a certain point, the purchase of a new furnace is logical. If you have to have a repair technician out every single winter for a major repair, it will end up costing way more than a new furnace does. If your old furnace is on life support, you can save yourself money by replacing it.

Your Furnace is a Teenager

Furnaces aren’t built to be permanent appliances. Similar to roofs and water heaters, they have a lifespan. For a furnace, it should be replaced when it gets to be about 15 years old. Not only do they continue to lose energy efficiency as they age, but the furnace itself will become worn out and more prone to breaking down.

Rooms are an Inconsistent Temperature

If some rooms are too hot and some rooms are too cold, your furnace is having an issue distributing heat throughout the house. This might be a problem you can fix, but if you have an old and frequently repaired furnace, it could be the final straw.

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