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Everyone knows that heat rises, but if you own a second story home, you will be reminded of that every day of the winter (when it feels like a sauna upstairs and a tundra downstairs). The ultimate goal of two story home heating is to create a nice balance, but that can be difficult to do…

Don’t Close Your Vents

It is an easy conclusion to jump to that if it is too hot upstairs, just close the vents. The warm air will then be diverted downstairs. This will work, but it may not turn out great because when vents are closed, it puts extra pressure on the system. In essence, it is very hard on your duct work and can cause damage. Furthermore, it is very detrimental to your energy efficiency.

Do Consider Turning Your Furnace Fan On

It is likely that the fan on your thermostat is set to “auto,” which means it will kick on and off with the furnace. However, if you have a hot second story, it may benefit you to turn the fan to the “on” setting. This means it will run continuously and circulate the air for more even heating.

The obvious downside to do this is that, while it will be less hard on your furnace, it will also cost more since the fan is constantly running. A more diplomatic solution may be to run the fan for about an hour before the family will be upstairs and then switch it back to auto.

Should You Call an HVAC Service?

Issues like this can be an indicator that something is wrong with your HVAC system. In truth, if you don’t have a regular maintenance call and this has started getting worse recently, we encourage you to contact us to check for problems.

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