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Routine tune-ups can lengthen the life of your air conditioning unit and protect any warranties or guarantees that are in effect. This regularly scheduled care not only keeps your home or office comfortable during the warmest seasons, it allows you to budget for many of the repairs or upgrades necessary in the future. Here are three ways that a regularly scheduled air conditioning tune-up saves time and money:

  1. Yearly visual inspections by a knowledgeable HVAC professional allow you to keep your warranties, guarantees, and service commitments intact. Many companies require certified specialists handle the regular care and maintenance in order to meet their requirements. Whether they cover parts and labor, or just parts, these contracts offer benefits that can help save money on the future care of your unit.
  2. Coils and fins gather dust, dirt, and debris over the year. This accumulation of grime decreases efficiency. HVAC specialists have the right tools and equipment necessary to clean up your AC in less time. They can also identify damaged or missing components that may prevent optimal performance. This saves money on future repairs and keeps your energy costs within your expectations.
  3. Central air conditioning systems require flushing and cleaning leaving behind contaminants that require specialized care and disposal. Licensed HVAC teams have a system in place that meets local and state safety standards. This is faster, cheaper, easier, and safer than trying to tackle the work yourself and then taking it to a local landfill or processing facility for disposal.

Keep your air conditioning units running with regularly scheduled care by a professional HVAC technician; they have access to up-to-date technologies and information that improves the efficiency of your unit while meeting your budget requirements. This saves you the hassle of adding another chore to your list and keeps you informed about future repairs so that you can plan ahead.

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