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The whipping winds of the season are getting ready to blow through the area as winter approaches. Is your home prepared for the cold and blustery temperatures that are expected? Every year many people come home to a cold house simply because they don’t keep up with regular annual maintenance. There’s nothing worse than arriving home from work to discover the house is cold. A bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. Here’s how:

Clean out those ducts

When ducts get clogged up with the dust and debris, reduced airflow comes into play. Sometimes, other things that are more troublesome can get stuck in your vents and need to come out. Your experienced HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your ducts and clean them out, allowing the flow of warm air to once again have free reign.

Inspect the furnace

Since your furnace is a mechanical piece of equipment, it requires periodic inspection to make sure the system is running properly. The thermostat, circuit breaker, blower assembly, and motor all need annual attention to ensure smooth operation.

Know your furnace

When you have regular inspections, your friendly technician will become familiar with your equipment. When something seems a bit out of place or sounds slightly off, he or she will be quick to pick it up. That’s a real plus because catching those little problems early on will save you money in the end.

Filter maintenance

Finally, routine filter maintenance is important to keep your furnace in top operating condition. The technician will make sure your filter and all associated parts are clean and ready for winter.

At M&M Mechanical, Inc. we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding preventative winter maintenance work. Contact us for more information!

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