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Is your furnace making noise? You’re probably familiar with all the little noises your furnace makes as it operates, from the sound of it kicking on to the soft hum it emits as it warms your home. Unfortunately, those normal furnace noises are sometimes interrupted by an unexpected sound that is anything but typical. If your furnace in Alexandria VA has started making strange, loud noises while it heats your home, you are most likely dealing with a malfunction. To help you tell the difference between regular and irregular sounds, we’ve created a list of noises that may indicate there is a problem with your furnace.

A Loud Bang

If you hear a bang or pop when your furnace starts up, you are probably dealing with dirty furnace burners. The dirt can stop the burners from immediately igniting, meaning a build-up of gas occurs. When the burners finally do ignite, you will hear a bang or a pop, which is actually a small explosion taking place. Ignoring this malfunction is extremely dangerous and can lead to a more serious repair, such as, a cracked heat exchange. A yearly tune-up and proper maintenance can prevent this issue from happening, however, if your furnace is already experiencing this problem, turn it off and call a HVAC specialist.

A Clanking Noise

When a part in your furnace is loose or disconnected, it will begin knocking against the inside of your system, which causes a clanking or rattling sound. Although your furnace has a number of parts that can become loose, the blower motor is a likely culprit. Enlisting the help of a HVAC technician will get you the answers you need.

A Whining Sound

Your furnace will emit a high-pitched whining sound if the bearings in its’ blower motor lack proper lubrication. While not as serious as the other malfunctions mentioned above, the noise still needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Scheduling a furnace inspection at the start of every heating season will ensure this issue doesn’t happen again.

Ignoring abnormal sounds can turn a simple malfunction into an expensive repair. If your furnace is making an unusual noise, please contact M&M Mechanical today.

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