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If you have an old furnace, then you have a metal flue running up through your home. The flue removes the toxic combustion products from your furnace. If any leaks occur in your flue, then these harmful gasses can enter your home. New high-efficiency furnaces not only save energy but have a major advantage in keeping your home safe.

What is so bad about my flue?

The high temperature of the flue gasses force the use of metal for the flue material. Over time, the flue can corrode on the inside because some of the gas condenses and forms acid. You will not know about this corrosion until there is a hole in the flue. If your indoor humidity gets too high, then corrosion can develop on the outside of the flue. A leak can also result from damage to the flue. Deadly gasses, like carbon monoxide, can enter your home from a damaged, leaky flue.

What is so different about the high-efficiency furnace?

The design of a high-efficiency furnace dramatically lowers the temperature of the exhaust gas. This is how it achieves higher efficiency. There is condensation, but it occurs in the part of the furnace designed to accommodate it. The lower exhaust temperature allows the use of low-cost plastic pipe. The pipe can be routed horizontally to the nearest exterior wall. Damage is much less likely from the stronger, corrosion resistant plastic pipe.

The choice to upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace involves more benefits than just energy savings. Contact us at M&M Mechanical to discuss your heating options before the onset of cold weather.

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