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There is no system in your home more important to your comfort or utility bills than your heating system. It is for this reason that professionals recommend you have your heating system serviced once a year, preferably in the fall. This will better secure that your residential heating system is running efficiently during the coldest months of the year. Don’t you agree?

Not only will an annual heating system service inspection assure the system is working, it will also help prolong the life of the unit and decrease health risks. Every heating manufacturer agrees, you should get your system serviced once a year. Much like an automobile, if you just ignore it, parts will start to wear out over time. Regular inspection and maintenance will help stop a catastrophic breakdown and will extend the unit’s life.

In fact, approximately 75 percent of emergency calls in winter, caused by no heat, are a direct result of a lack of maintenance. By not ensuring your unit is serviced, your heat could fail suddenly, and leave your family in the cold. Moreover, annual inspections can uncover carbon monoxide leaks, which is a toxic gas that is colorless and odorless. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause symptoms that include headaches, dizziness, and nausea but also death. There are an estimated 15,000 people treated in emergency rooms annually because of carbon monoxide, and approximately 500 deaths.

Moreover, it is essential to have your inspection and maintenance completed by a professional service technician. Your home’s heating and cooling are complex systems, and you need to ensure things are done right. That said, there are some simple things that a homeowner can do on their own to keep things running smooth. For instance, ENERGY STAR recommends changing air filters at least every three months. Poor airflow, from a clogged filter, can negatively impact your health by exposing you to high levels of indoor pollutants and contaminant.

Ultimately, it is not uncommon that the only time a homeowner thinks about their heating system is when it doesn’t work. They simply don’t believe maintenance has a good return on the investment; that all changes after a catastrophic failure on a cold winter night.

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