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What’s the true cost of air conditioning service? Not just in dollars, but time, frustration, and additional supplies that may have to be purchased if your unit is not kept in working condition. There are many reasons to be proactive when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system. When the summer heat starts to reach its peak, you don’t want to be left without a working air conditioning unit for even a day! What’s worse is that the company that you call to fix it may already be booked in advance.

Waiting Lists in Metro Areas are Filling Up

All the way across the country, in Sacramento, CA, HVAC companies are so busy making air conditioning repairs that they are either no longer accepting customers due to being booked, or they are starting a waiting list for repairs to be completed. Companies here may be booked a month in advance before they can reach customers to make repairs.

Homeowners with broken units are resorting to purchasing fans and capacitors to stay cool until their A/C units can be repaired. With supply and demand in full effect, the rising cost and dwindling amount of these last resort supplies is also makingĀ it a challenge for customers waiting on repairs.

Outbreak of Scams During Peak Season

Besides the scramble for supplies and services news providers in metro areas are also highlighting the fact that there are certain opportunists in the area that are trying to scam residents. They warn that customers should be vigilant when hiring a company or contractor to complete repairs on their HVAC system. Many of these scam artists start canvassing neighborhoods with fliers, and they may be using a license number that doesn’t belong to them. It’s recommended that homeowners verify the license number provided to them matches with the contractor they’ve hired to complete repairs.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit should not wait until peak season arrives. Repairs and maintenance should be scheduled in advance. Do not rely on the fact that companies will be able to immediately come out to make repairs on your unit. Instead, think ahead and keep up with regular repairs and maintenance with M&M Mechanical Inc. in Lorton, VA.

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