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There’s nothing worse during the hottest days of summer than feeling good about having the equipment you need — your AC unit — and then having it fail you when you need it most! But your AC unit is not going to perform reliably for you unless you maintain it, and that means that besides changing filters as needed, it’s also a good idea to schedule an annual tune-up to make sure it’s in top shape for the challenging heat that’s rapidly approaching. And the time to do that is now!

What’s Involved in an AC Tune-up?

Your HVAC professional will do several things during his tune-up visit, and the first will be to do a thorough inspection of the unit. That includes checking:

  • coils (indoor and outdoor)
  • capacitors
  • compressor
  • electrical systems check for loose connections, damaged wiring or terminals
  • refrigerant level

Your heating and cooling system consists of more than 50% of your home’s overall energy costs, so a tune-up is good not only for the system and how efficiently it cools, but also for your wallet!

What You Can Do Yourself

Keep your tuned up AC unit running efficiently all summer long by inspecting the air filter monthly and changing it when dust builds up. A dirty air filter restricts air flow and allows dust to build up on essential components. It also negatively affects your indoor air quality.

It’s also essential to make sure registers inside your house are free of obstructions and dust to ensure proper airflow and maximum comfort during those oppressive “dog days” of summer!

Contact M&M Mechanical to make sure your air conditioner is ready for the summer ahead!

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