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Many property owners often forget to budget regular maintenance for the heating units in their homes and buildings. This often leads to expensive furnace repairs that could have been prevented. Here are three indications that you may need to service your furnace soon.

  1. When your furnace turns on and off frequently it may not be getting enough fuel or have improper airflow. A skilled technician can test your intake and check for clogged nozzles. Trained specialists often have these parts on hand and can replace them when they do an annual cleaning to prevent additional visits and extra charges later.
  2. Malfunctioning thermostats can cause the furnace to run even when you do not need it. This increases your energy bills and can add to the wear and tear on the motor and fan. Routine care can help identify the age and condition of these parts and give you time to plan for their replacement saving you time, money, and stress.
  3. It is very important to have the right airflow for your furnace to work efficiently. Filters that are full of dirt, dust, and debris prevent the air from entering the unit making it work harder to meet your needs. When this happens, it often damages the limit switch that controls the fan.

While these seem like small maintenance steps that you can do yourself, a trained technician has the equipment necessary to identify issues that may go unnoticed during the course of the year. Their recommendations can be the difference between a few minor repairs now and a new furnace in the middle of winter. Questions? Contact M&M Mechanical! We’re furnace repair specialists in Lorton, VA.

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