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So you have decided to have a new HVAC system installed in your home or business. While you are waiting for your new unit to arrive, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect during the installation process. As such, we would like to discuss the things that normally take place during heating installation to help put your mind at ease.


Prior to Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment, you should receive a phone call confirming the date and time of your installation.


Day of your Appointment

When our technicians arrive, they will be driving a truck with our company logo and will also be dressed in our company uniform. Next, they will place protective coverings over your floor and furniture to keep dust and debris from damaging them.
Power will be shut off to your existing unit prior to installation. This means that you will be temporarily without heat. Keep in mind that our technicians must make multiple trips in and out of your home, and may even need to leave your door propped open for an extended period of time while removing your old furnace. This could leave your house a bit colder than normal, which is why we recommend you have a sweater or blanket handy.


Installation Process

Your new unit will be brought inside and fitted to its opening. You may notice a slight bit of noise coming from the power tools that are needed to secure your furnace properly into place; however, this should not distract you doing things such as reading or watching television.
Once everything is attached, our technicians will perform a final check of everything and then allow you to inspect their work. The entire process will take between four to eight hours.
Here at M&M Mechanical, our goal is to make heating installation as pain-free as possible. For friendly, efficient service in Northern Virginia please contact us.

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