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Ready or not, the sweltering heat of summer is here. A more important question, however, is whether your air conditioner is going to get you through the season.

Too many people take their air conditioners for granted. If it works, it is ignored, and it only gets the attention and service it needs when it breaks and needs costly repairs.

Unfortunately, this attitude is penny-wise but dollar-foolish. Low cost regular maintenance, in the form of an annual air conditioner inspection and tune-up, can guarantee that your home or business is comfortable on the hottest days of the summer. It can also help you avoid the dreaded air conditioner failure, which inevitably seems to happen on the hottest day of the year when air conditioning repair is at a premium.

The assumption that just because your air conditioner worked fine last year, it does not need a tune-up this year can be a costly mistake. Air conditioners, like all machines, need regular inspection, maintenance, and tune-ups to make sure they work at their peak efficiency and do not fail when they are needed most.

While your air conditioner was sitting idle before you turned it on as the heat started settling in, dirt, dust and debris were slowing building up on the evaporation coils in the unit. This acts as an insulator, which impacts both the cooling and electrical efficiency of your air conditioner, can severely decrease the lifespan of the unit and increase the likelihood of an expensive failure.

It is also fairly common for air conditioners to lose coolant during the cooler months leading up to summer. A slow coolant leak can rob your air conditioner of its cooling power, causing it to work harder, and use more electricity, while cooling less. Inefficient cooling can cause big money on your electrical bill.

Electrical problems can also develop during the off season, which can cause expensive failure of your air conditioner when you need it most.

A full season inspection and tune-up now by a qualified air conditioning professional can fix these problems now, and ensure that the rest of your summer will be a cool one. The cost of a tune-up is more than outweighed by the simple peace of mind today – and can help you avoid the possibility that your air conditioner will die at the height of summer, when you need it the most. It is a small investment today that can save you hundreds of dollars and days of discomfort later.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and tune-up of your air condition system.

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