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Whether your home improvement skills are limited to hanging the occasional shelf or you consider yourself a budding Bob Vila, there is one home improvement project that should always be left to professionals – air conditioning installation.

A professionally installed air conditioning system is generally a one-time, painless operation. Aside from annual inspections and tune-ups, a professionally installed system will give you many, many years of efficient, trouble-free installation.

Non-professional installation, however, can cause you to have a system that’s inefficient and prone to frequent breakage. In extreme causes, it can be a safety hazard, damage your home or belongings, and negatively impact the value of your home.

A professional installer has many tools at their disposal to make sure you get the best system and the best installation for your home.

A professional installer will carefully evaluate your home to make sure you have the right size air condition system. Choosing the right size system is the first step, and there is a delicate balancing act of that takes into account many variables – too small an air conditioning system, and the system will be inefficient, will struggle to cool your home, will use more electricity, and will be more prone to needing costly repairs; too large a system will cause larger up-front cost and higher electrical bills in the long term.

The installer will also have the knowledge and experience necessary to determine proper air-flow for maximum efficiency. They will be able to design and install ductwork that guarantees the most efficient air flow pattern. Improperly installed ductwork can leak or have obstructions that prevent air from the air condition system from being efficiency moved around in your home, causing your air conditioner to work harder. This can cause both inadequate cooling – and high electrical bills – as well as a shortened life-span for your air conditioning system.

Prolonged usage of an improperly installed air condition system can cost you big in wasted electricity and premature wear-and-tear on the system, which can lead to costly failures and repairs.

Having an experienced air conditioning professional, like the ones here at M&M Mechanical install your home air conditioning system can save you considerable aggravation today and both money and peace of mind later. Call us today or visit our website to schedule your free consultation.

12 Responses to “Air Conditioning Installation Should Be Left to the Professional”

  1. Maggie Allen

    My husband and I want to add ducted air conditioning into our home, so this is really good for us to know. We had no idea that the size of the system could be so important, either. I just thought you could get something on the large size and be fine with that. However, we’ll make sure that a professional will pick out the right system for us since we have no idea how to calculate size.

  2. Tomas Killington

    The air conditioning unit in my friend’s house just broke. He has a wife that is pregnant, so he’s going to want to have a cool home come summer time. I didn’t realize that professional installers can determine what unit would work best for the size and layout of a home. That’s something he’ll want to know.

  3. Burt Silver

    I like that you mentioned that a good air conditioner installer will examine your home in order to choose the right size system. It is important to have the right size AC because it maintains energy efficiency. My wife and I have been talking about getting a new air conditioner put in. We will definitely keep these things in mind, thanks!


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