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Does your furnace keep blowing its fuse? If so, it’s time for some maintenance and possibly some furnace repair. The main reasons you are having likely this problem are as follows:

1. Grime

If your furnace hasn’t been regularly cleaned and maintained, it will have been steadily accumulating dust, debris, and dead insects. Over time, dirt building up in the air filter can transfer itself to the blower motor, resulting in the motor overheating and blowing the fuse. The fuse itself can become so coated with grime that the connection will break. All of this is preventable with regular service of your furnace.

2. Loose Wiring

Vibrations from a working furnace can loosen an internal wire and result in a short. Finding, tightening, or replacing loose wires is not a do-it-yourself job. Prevention is the best policy – have your system inspected and tuned up on a regular basis.

3. Old or Faulty Parts

These may include the following:
Blower Motor – When a blower motor is failing, it tends to draw too much power which may result in a short.
Starting Capacitor – A failing capacitor can result in intermittent electrical problems.
Transformer – The transformer, which runs the ignition, timers, and controls, is necessary to convert the system to run on the correct voltage. If it is worn and not working properly, it can cause a short.
Valves – When a valve in a gas furnace is unable to open and close efficiently, it can overheat, causing an electrical short and a blown fuse.

Don’t give yourself a headache by trying to fix furnace problems yourself. You can save yourself from blowing your own fuse by arranging for regular maintenance of your furnace. Give us a call to get on a regular schedule!

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