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This time of year, our heating systems work overtime keeping our families safe and warm. But sometimes, it’s that same system that contributes to illness. If your family members have some respiratory issues that they just can’t shake, getting your ductwork cleaned may help tremendously.

Your heating system takes the air in your home, and circulates it through your HVAC system. That means any dust, dander, and other air pollutants keep getting pushed around. Some of that settles in the ductwork, and every time the furnace kicks on, it contributes to poor air quality.

People with asthma and allergies are particularly susceptible to problems when the furnace ducts are dirty. Any time air quality isn’t optimal, asthma sufferers are put at risk and may experience more symptoms than usual.

Winter allergies are also a big problem this time of year. Those with allergies to dust, dander, mites, and mold may have ongoing issues because all of these things accumulate in the ductwork, and people are spending more time indoors, where those allergens are present.

Then there are the average cold and flu viruses that are typical for the winter. While dirty ducts don’t cause these issues, the below average air quality can make a full recovery take longer than usual.

When you call for a professional duct cleaning, some companies simply show up and clean out the major air passageways. First, contact a company that will do a complete inspection to make sure your ducts need cleaning. Then, make sure they clean the entire system, including coils, coil drain pans, plenums, air filters, ducts, fans, vents and registers. When a thorough cleaning is done, you can rest assured that your air quality problems will improve.

If you have any questions about your duct system or getting it cleaned, contact us today at (703) 751-1011.

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