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So you’ve finally decided to remodel your basement. Perhaps you’re planning to earn some extra cash by renting out a basement apartment. Or maybe you’ve decided to work close to home, and have realized that you could utilize the unused space in your basement.

Whatever the case is, you’re likely spending thousands of dollars to transform your dark and dank basement that was once home to dust and spiders into a beautiful, new living space that will serve your future needs.

Remodeling your basement involves a lot of tasks. Are the walls insulated? Check. Was the plumbing taken care of? Check. Flooring and roofing? Check. Will the painter be here next week? Check.

Taking care of the vast amount of chores can be absolutely mind-boggling, and there may very well be a thing or two that you have left out. Well, here is one thing that you absolutely don’t want to miss: Is the heating installed?

You certainly do not want to suddenly be faced with the prospect of working in a cold office in the wintertime. And you’ll have a tough time renting out a basement apartment with no heating!

But don’t worry – we can help! Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your heating installation needs. Whether you are fortunate and you are still in the process of remodeling your basement, or whether heating installation was one of the things you missed when your basement was redone, we will help you have a warm and comfortable winter.

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