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With summer ending in about a month, it’s time to get your HVAC unit to switch gears and prepare for the cooler season. By now, your AC has been running at full capacity for a few months with this hot summer we’ve been having in the area, so these next few weeks are the perfect time to make sure that the summer treated your unit well!

Maintenance on your unit ensures that you’re getting the most out of your HVAC system. It’s recommended to get your unit checked out twice a year.

Regular maintenance on your unit not only helps improve the quality of the air you breathe, but it will also prolong the life of your unit, which in the end will save you money. Preventative maintenance on your unit will help avoid any problems that could occur during the winter, when you need your heating system most! During our maintenance checkups, we will check the filters and voltage, adjust burners, inspect the condenser coil and much more!

To minimize future repair bills, consider a maintenance agreement with M&M Mechanical, Inc. Our trained technicians can provide you with a comprehensive plan to provide preventive and predictive maintenance to help you keep all your HVAC equipment running efficiently.

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  1. Eliza Cranston

    Thanks for the suggestion on end-of-summer maintenance. I’m a first-time homeowner and I’m still getting used to all of the responsibilities I didn’t have in a rental home. It’s good to know that maintenance on my heating system will save my breathing and my money. Is there maintenance I can do myself or do I need to call a mechanical contractor for everything?


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