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An energy audit is defined as:

an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of a building or buildings1

This audit is the first step in determining how much and what kind of energy your home uses. The information gathered in an energy audit is used to develop a strategy for steps to take to make your home (or business!) more energy efficient.

Tasks covered in an energy audit typically include: checking for leaks; inspecting the furnace, air conditioner and ductwork; examining insulation; examination and recording of walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows and skylights; and more. The goal is to figure out your home’s overall thermal performance, and, specifically, to identify any areas that are negatively impacting the energy efficiency of your home.

Once the energy audit is complete, we can help develop a plan for shoring up any energy weaknesses in the building. This may include things like replacing windows, investing in a new air conditioning unit or furnace, or reinsulating areas of the home. We’ll also let you know if any of the improvements we suggest will qualify for energy efficiency grants or tax rebates.

To learn more about how M&M Mechanical can help complete an energy audit of your home, check out the Comfort & Energy Audits page of our website, or just contact us to get your energy audit scheduled!

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