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With 35 years of experience in this industry, the team at M&M Mechanical can understand how expensive unexpected repairs on your heating and cooling system can be. We started to notice a lot of our service calls are for the same repairs, and we realized these repairs could easily be avoided if an appliance is taken care of year-round.

Having repairs done on your HVAC unit every month can get costly. So, to solve this problem, we’ve developed a maintenance agreement for our customers that will help lower costs and prevent the little problems from occurring.

People tend to think getting your appliances checked once a year is enough, but with our maintenance agreement, we come out twice a year to do a check-up. You will also receive priority service if you have an emergency; just one of the perks of being a loyal customer.

We’ll check your filters, and check amperage, voltage and much more. If you’d like to see a list of what we check when we come for a tune-up, please visit our Maintenance Agreement Plan page. If you have any questions, or aren’t ready to sign up yet but still have a few questions give us a call!

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