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In an ideal world, your water heater would never need to be replaced. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Before calling in the cavalry, take a look at these five tips for selecting a new water heater for your home!

  1. Do Your Research: You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the details, would you? So, spend some time educating yourself about the different types of water heaters on the market before going into the shopping process. You’ll thank yourself later when you get into the nitty gritty of the shopping and selection process!
  2. Costs: Before you make this important purchase, make sure to factor in not only the initial cost of the water heater, but the annual operating cost of each unit. Make sure to compare those costs with other units.
  3. Fuel Type: Are you aware of the type of fuel used in your area? Electrical water heaters are widely used in the U.S. but others use natural gas, solar energy or propane! Look into what type of fuel is available in your area; it may narrow your water heater search even more.
  4. Size: The size of your water heater should be proportional to the amount of hot water you need for your household. Revisit the types of water heaters, and try to determine how big a water heater you’ll need for your home before setting your sites on a new heater.
  5. Energy Efficiency: If you look into energy efficient water heaters before you begin the shopping process, you might be able to choose a water heater much quicker than you had originally thought! These energy saving water heaters are much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you’re still unsure or need advice on how to go about buying a water heater that is appropriately sized for your home call us at M&M Mechanical! Our trained experts can walk you through the process of purchasing, installing and maintaining a new water heater with ease. Schedule your appointment today!

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