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Here in Lorton, VA, it no longer feels like fall! It isn’t officially winter until December 21st, but the weather has definitely said otherwise! Now that the chilly nights have turned into frigid nights, it’s time to get your home really prepared for the nights where it’s just too cold to step outside! Here at M&M Mechanical we want to make sure that your home is ready by offering you a few tips:

Trial Run: If you haven’t already, turn on your fireplace and do a test run. Even if you’re not ready to turn it on for good – a trial run will make sure that everything is working fine and will be ready for when you really need it!

Exterior Faucets: Water left in your pipes can freeze as the weather drops. To avoid this, disconnect all garden hoses and draining the water that remains inside them.

Mow Your… Leaves: Have you ever thought of mowing your leaves instead of raking them? Smaller pieces of the leaves are very healthy for your lawn especially right before it snows.

Stock Up: Don’t wait last minute to go out and buy salt or shovels for this winter season! If it’s anything like last year’s winter – you’ll need it.

Save Money: If you were unhappy with your heating bills last season, consider installing a programmable thermostat. This will help you save money on your utility bills!

Lower the Temp: Taking a nice vacation to get away from the cold this winter? Don’t turn your heat off – keep it at 55 degrees.

Clean Your Gutters: With fall season comes lots of leaves – be sure to clear your gutter before this snowy season so you can avoid leaks and ice dams.

And of course, make sure that an M&M Mechanical technician has given your HVAC system a full inspection and tune-up! The last thing you want is for your furnace to malfunction after the freezing temperatures set in! Schedule your service call today!

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