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Here are a few tips from us to you to ensure you get the most out of a visit from M&M Mechanical!

We Love Details: When an M&M technician arrives at your home, be ready to tell them everything that has happened with your system, even the littlest details. The more information we know, the easier it will be to detect any problems and fix them!

Corral Your Pets: Make sure your pets are in a separate room. We love pets here at M&M Mechanical and we will most definitely say hello to your furry animal, but our tools are too dangerous for animals to be around.

Clear the Way: Wherever your system is located, make sure that we are able to get to it easily. We’ll be the most efficient if we don’t have to spend time physically getting to the unit!

Check Your Filters: Before you call us, check your air filter! This is the most common cause of problems with heating or air conditioning systems and an easy fix on your end.

Questions, Questions, Questions: Before our technician arrives, make sure to write down all of the questions you need to ask us. That way, once the technician is there, you won’t forget anything!

Now that you know how to get ready for us, schedule your service call today!

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