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For homeowners looking for an easy way to reduce their energy consumption and improve their comfort this summer, you may want to consider replacing your HVAC system’s outdated thermostat. While it may seem wasteful to replace your thermostat if there is nothing wrong with it, the fact is that thermostat technology has come a long way in recent years, and there are many benefits that can be gained by replacing your old thermostat with a newer model. Here is a look at just a few of the reasons you should consider replacing your home’s thermostat this summer.

Save Money With Automation

Depending on the age of your home, your current thermostat may not be programmable, only giving you the option to turn your system on and off. This can end up wasting energy and costing you money if you do not remember to turn off your system before you go to work. Alternatively, a modern thermostat gives you countless ways to take control of your AC system, allowing you to program your air conditioner to turn on and off at predetermined times of the day. This helps to ensure that your home is comfortable when you come home from work without having to waste electricity cooling your home when you are not there.

Easy to Use

Older manual thermostats, and even some early digital ones, had a variety of switches and buttons, which often made them difficult to use. However, most modern thermostats have intuitive touch-screens that are easy to use, making it simple to change settings and access data about how your system is running. Some thermostats can even be controlled from an app on your phone, allowing you to control your HVAC system remotely wherever you are.

Take Advantage of Zoning Compatibility

If you have a large home, you may be wasting energy cooling sections of your home that you rarely/never use. If you have a newer HVAC system, it may have zoned cooling compatibility that can allow you to cool areas of your home independently; however, most older thermostats do not support this feature. Upgrading to a modern thermostat will allow you to take more control of how you cool your home, helping you to save money by only cooling rooms that you actually use.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your home’s thermostat as well as to find out about the HVAC services we offer.

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With summer and its scorching temperatures here, homeowners need to place focus on their AC systems to ensure they’re kept cool and comfortable all summer long.  Staying on top of the care and maintenance of your cooling system is critical this time of year.  With that said, the professionals here at M&M Mechanical, Inc.  stand ready to meet your every need.  From system inspections and routine maintenance to air conditioning repairs of all types, we have got you covered.

It’s important to ensure that the air flow and air quality in your home meets the needs of your family. Proper routine maintenance and necessary air conditioning repairs are essential to the effective and efficient performance of your cooling system and will also contribute to its lifespan as well.

Common AC Problems and Repairs

If your AC system suddenly loses its cooling capabilities, there is apt to be a problem with one or more of the major components of your system.  From the compressor, refrigerant, and condenser to the evaporator coil, evaporator valve or even a combination of these components, the source of the problem varies from system to system.  Whatever the case may be, rest assured our team of professionals handle it all and are prepared to deliver the highest quality products and services.

The Professionals You Can Trust

This summer, if you find yourself faced with an AC system that simply cannot provide comfort from the rising summer temperatures then we’re here to help!  Our certified techs are steadfast in their commitment to provide timely solutions to all your AC issues.  Our techs will identify the source of the problem and provide an effective and efficient solution that will ensure the high performance of your AC system throughout the summer months.

Summer heat can be quite challenging, so don’t get caught without a high performing AC system this summer.  For all of our air conditioning repairs and services, or to schedule an inspection or routine maintenance today, simply contact M&M Mechanical, Inc.

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It is heating up outside – and fast. Your home has suddenly become sweltering and you want to cool it down even faster. The response by many is to turn on the AC and turn it down way lower than you normally would. You want it to be a pleasant 72 degrees, but you turn it down all the way to 60. Does that help cool your home faster?

Unfortunately for you, turning your air conditioner on at a lower temperature doesn’t cool your home faster. What the temperature you set on your thermostat controls is how long the appliance runs, not how cold the air gets. Your air conditioner will run on a set level of coldness. In order to effectively reach the temperature you set on your thermostat, it will run or cycle on and off in order to do so.

What lowering your thermostat like that really does is potentially cause you problems. The problem is not so much the act of doing it, but the act of forgetting what temperature you set it to. If an air conditioner has to run that much to cool your house, you run the risk of ice building up or the whole system being overworked.

An overworked air conditioner will immediately raise your energy bills, and as the parts wear down, it will serve to permanently raise those bills. Add on top of that when your air conditioners breaks down – not “if” – it will be an expensive repair that you didn’t need.

So what to take away from this? Well, that old air conditioner “trick” doesn’t work, and it is more likely to cause harm than any good to your system. It is best to set your air conditioner to the temperature you want and let the appliance do its job as designed.

If you need to schedule annual maintenance or have your air conditioner serviced, contact us today! Our experienced technicians will help get your air conditioner working efficiently and keep it running for years to come.


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Even though summer is a couple months away, it’s not too early to start getting your air conditioner ready. Doing so now will save you money and avoid breakdowns during the hottest days of the year.

Here are several tips to get your air conditioner ready for summer:

Schedule annual maintenance
Air conditioners should be serviced once a year. Yearly maintenance will keep your air conditioner running throughout the summer and catch smaller problems before they become larger ones. It will also ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently, which can save you money. Scheduling maintenance now will ensure that your air conditioner is ready for summer.

Clean any debris surrounding your air conditioner unit
Air conditioners run best when there is space around the unit. Plants, debris, or other items around your unit will reduce its efficiency. As part of your spring cleaning, make sure to trim any trees, shrubs, or other plants around your air conditioner unit. Also, remove any debris that may be nearby.

Change your air conditioner filter
Air conditioner filters should be changed every month. A clean filter will help your air conditioner run more efficiently, which will lower your energy costs. It also will help reduce dust and allergens in the air. During the winter, you might have forgot to change your filter. Now’s the time to get back in the habit of changing it every month. Replace your old filter and set up a reminder to replace your filter regularly.

Clean your vents
Dirty vents reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. They also collect dust and debris that may be blown throughout your house. Check your vents and clean them if necessary.

Have any other questions? Contact us today!
If you live in the Northern Virginia area and need to schedule annual maintenance or have your air conditioner serviced, contact us today! Our experienced technicians will help get your air conditioner working efficiently and keep it running for years to come. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, contact our trusted partners at Ferrato’s Heating & Cooling to help with your air conditioning and heating needs.

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With record temperatures being reached and exceeded every year, the hottest days of the summer can test anyone’s patience. With window units or portable air conditioners, it can be hard to maintain the temperature you want. With central air, you can cool the entire house, choose the precise temperature you want, and control humidity levels.

Unlike single-room models, central air is efficient in many ways. They make effective use of the room, as they don’t take up floor space or block windows. They’re also cost and energy efficient. There are many ultra-energy-efficient models available now make economical use of energy and therefore save you money.

Air Quality
Pollution has made poor air quality an issue nationwide. Many children and older adults have lung issues such as asthma while others have allergies to air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, and dust. The filters in many central air units can vastly lower or nearly eliminate them. They can also help with common household odors like pet smells and musty scents.

One of the greatest advantages is the extra convenience. You can control the temperatures, choose which rooms get cooled and when, and you have the option of combining heating and cooling. Many even come with remotes too.

If you have questions about installing central air conditioning in your home, we encourage you to contact our team.