Why Do Air Conditioners Leak Water?

Are you wondering, "Why is there water on the ground around my air conditioner?" While water in the area of your AC is normal, ground water is a sign of trouble. Fortunately, the issue isn't serious. However, the fix may require the assistance of an air conditioner maintenance professional.

Air Conditioners as Dehumidifiers

Your cooling system is also your main source of humidity control in your home. The refrigerant circulating through the indoor coils expands and chills. Heat exchange takes place as the air becomes cold and as the refrigerant absorbs warmth. In the middle of this process, water condenses on your coils, pooling and dripping into a drain pan. You've seen this same process happen with a cold soda can or glass of iced tea on a hot day. That condensation helps in maintaining your home's humidity at ideal levels.

Dirty Drain Pans and Lines

Your system's air filter is a defensive mechanism, protecting internal equipment from the particles in your airstream. However, dirt can still get into your coils and drain area, leading to potential clogging. As condensate liquid continues to fill the pan, the fluid can overflow and create a puddle on the floor near your indoor unit. In some cases, interior structural materials and decor can be affected by these fluids. Unchecked, there can be related issues with mold and mildew in the area. The remedy is simply a good cleaning job, but the location of the drain pan can make it difficult to reach. An HVAC technician is able to efficiently and carefully access the components in need of cleaning.

Additional Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

AC maintenance involves a multi-point check of your system to ensure that critical components are optimized. Troubleshooting AC problems like dirty coils, clogged drain pans and lines, leaky ducts and worn parts provides the opportunity to avoid more serious system damage in the future. Annual coil cleaning and refrigerant checks alone can improve energy efficiency and save money. Thorough cleaning of the interior components can also head off water leaks from your air conditioning equipment. Other common problems related to dirty coils include restricted airflow and ice on the coils, issues that can stress your compressor and lead to huge AC repair costs.

Ideal Timing for Preventative Care

You can significantly reduce your potential for AC repair issues by simply remembering to schedule preventative service on a yearly basis. You can also benefit from better comfort levels, improved indoor air quality and lower bills. At M & M Mechanical, we recommend that you schedule your AC cleaning and checkup for early spring. This allows plenty of time to fix or replace broken or worn parts before summer heats up. Additionally, you can avoid the summer rush that often happens when homeowners first begin to operate their equipment for the season. If you are just now noticing a water leak from your indoor equipment, you can contact our Springfield, VA, team for an appointment to service or troubleshoot your AC.



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